Rental Requirements

All you need to get your car rental:

  • Valid drivers license  (from any state)

  • Verifiable insurance on a vehicle you own

  • Must be the only person driving the car

  • Must keep car in the Las Vegas Valley

  • Must be 25 years or older

Reliable Cash Car Rental in Las Vegas

You need a car that will get you around the Las Vegas Valley so you can keep managing your life, and we work to get you into a reliable car rental fast - and one with ice cold AC. Our onsite maintenance garage means our fleet of four door sedans (think Impala, Taurus, Sonata) are professionally maintained. We work with you to ensure 100% satisfaction with your rental experience.

Our Cars
Our Team

Epic Car Rental: We're Epic!

(See what we did there?)

Epic Car Rental is a small business that is professionally managed by husband and wife team, Meagan and Paul. We handle everything - from answering the phone to maintaining the fleet. When you rent from Epic, know that you will be dealing with people who genuinely care about your experience as a customer. Since we work directly with our customers, our focus tends to be on the customer. You having a great car rental experience honestly makes our lives easier - we feel good at the end of the day, and our customers continue to come back to us. 

Our office serves as a daytime home to our two small dogs - who have been so good at putting smiles on faces that we have given them official titles - our Brand Ambassadors.


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Our Reviews

We Don't Like to Toot Our Own Horn...

And we don't know about you, but we generally find it suspicious when a company's website has a ton of testimonials without links to actual review sites. 

So please check out what our customers say on Google and Yelp so you know what real people actually say about their experience here. 

Okay - we can't resist sharing some of these...

"Absolutely Amazing!! I Will Always Use Epic Car Rental!! They Have Been Nothing But Great To Me And My Needs And I'm Very Happy. It's Affordable And Convenient. Worth Every Penny.! Thank You Guys So Much Again."

~Bettina Citro

"Awesome A1 Customer Service, Great prices!!!!! Recently my car had broke down and I needed a rental. Epic Car had the best prices and no hassle when it came to a rental car . They have the lowest down payment and offer free miles . I also like the fact that Megan and Paul are the owners and you deal with them rather than these other big corporate rental places . Megan and Paul are very professional and kind. I highly recommend Epic Car rental."

~Jessie Hedrick